Should Jim Allister not just lead UUP?

It is clear – and to some extent understandable – that the Ulster Unionists are close to completing the transition to the “right” (i.e. more extreme) of the DUP. From trying to block the Education Bill in the Assembly, trying to stop the “Maze Shrine”, and trying to stop DUP health policy on the back of the care homes debacle (all of which may or may not be legitimate policies in themselves), the Ulster Unionists are undeniably harder line and, in practice, “anti-Agreement”.

This is understandable partly because it is what the DUP did to them, and partly because the geography for their remaining vote. Drawn from predominantly rural, border areas where Protestants are a minority, if Ulster Unionists listen to their own voters and potential voters that will inevitably shift them to take a harder line.

All of this leaves, however, the obvious question of the Leadership. Mike Nesbitt has become a joke, weaving about in the wind, refusing to let anyone else have any spotlight at all, and becoming rabidly sectarian – all without improving the party’s fortunes at all. Yet anyone else within the party who may take over is either a past Leader, too new to the game, or too unwilling.

That leaves it to someone outside the Ulster Unionists to be the new Leader. Someone charismatic; someone with a political brain; someone with experience of high office; someone who opposes the DUP on education, the Maze and health at every turn; someone with razor-like analytic skills. Someone like Jim Allister…


6 thoughts on “Should Jim Allister not just lead UUP?

  1. Harryaswell says:

    ROTFL!!! – My, you do try hard!! Such utter nonsense! Obviously very tongue in cheek, otherwise what was the point? Mike is doing fine so far. He has got rid of all the loose cannons and trouble makers within the UUP. He always said he would do that. Now, the party has to be rebuilt, and so it will be. I am not a party member, so I cannot comment in detail, but you, Ian, are not a party member either, so you do not know either! I can only assume that Alliance is running scared as a non-Unionist party and that your posts are merely mischievious.

  2. Roger says:

    Ian is correct on this matter as we saw during the flag protests. Nesbitt was tip toeing around Jamie Bryson like he was the undisputed leader of the Protestant Nation. Nesbitt, instead of looking like a leader looked like he had misplaced his burberry jacket and baseball cap. I fully expected him to rush off in search of a white parka jacket so as he could be down with the kids. He has gone from multicultural fluffball, all things to all men, to what now seems to be the ghost of Paisley past. Spot on Ian.

    • Harryaswell says:

      Are you real?? What an exhibition of bad manners, bad temper and sour grapes! Since when did ian Paisley have anything to do with the UUP!

      • Roger says:

        He didn’t, but he did spend a portion of his life spouting absolute bile about his fellow christians, much like Bryson does. Nesbitt is trying to get a slice of the loyalist (What ever that is) pie to boost his failing electoral support. And yes, i am real, thanks for asking.

  3. Alan Frost says:

    If the two parties merged, would they become the TUUVP?

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