Nesbitt’s UUP sides with protesters against democracy

Mike Nesbitt once claimed he sought Catholic votes

Mike Nesbitt once claimed he sought Catholic votes

A rally organised by Carrickfergus United Loyalists (a group which endorsed road blockages which caused significant disruption to many people going about their daily lives in East Antrim  and which, well, seemed unconcerned about an arson attack on an elected representative’s office which forced a neighbouring family to move temporarily) gained notoriety for an address by DUP Councillor Ruth Patterson this weekend.

Perhaps more notorious, however, was the decision by Ulster Unionist Leader Mike Nesbitt to announce that his party would be campaigning alongside Ruth’s in her constituency at the forthcoming General Election at the same rally. That the Unionist parties want single candidates across Belfast is not news to those who follow Northern Ireland politics closely – but to make the announcement at a Loyalist protesters’ rally also attended by anti-Agreement Leader Jim Allister and UVF-linked PUP Leader Billy Hutchison was highly noteworthy. Don’t forget, this is the same Mike Nesbitt who said his party should try to get Catholic votes less than a year ago…

“Ah, but it’s only Unionist cooperation” claim Ulster Unionists. That is not the point, it is the location and backdrop of the announcement which is the point. That said, as one correspondent frequently of this parish put it in response to this ridiculous cooperation-not-unity argument: “Aye, in the same way chickens cooperate with foxes…”


6 thoughts on “Nesbitt’s UUP sides with protesters against democracy

  1. harryaswell says:

    Ah. so we are now not allowed to protest, is that it? Nothing very democratic about that either! Such sanctimonious bullshit from Alliance is going to be their downfall in the long run.

  2. Gordon says:

    That chap should get royalties for the chicken comment…

  3. harryaswell says:

    Nobody was protesting about democracy per se! For goodness sake, what are you LIKE!! Typical Alliance style smearing and sneering. Either you agree with Alliance and their supporters, or you are anti-democratic and supporting Loyalist activists! Laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. It seems to me to be very obvious, all these troubles were caused by persons NOT taking into account the opinions of others. Alliance made that serious mistake initially about the flag being flown, or not, and they are still making the same mistake. Having successfully lost the Working Class Protestant vote, they now carry on as if nothing untoward has happened. Nesbitt claims that he wants the Catholics to vote UUP, and why not? If the Catholics are pro-Union, then why not? Unionist inclined Catholics find the DUP a very cold house indeed.

  4. Clare says:

    Are they likely to find the UUP a warm house if there is this little distinction between them?
    Nesbitt has actually increased the opinion that there is no difference between the UUP and the DUP under his watch.
    Beats me why they don’t just merge.

  5. Gordon says:

    I would also like to point out that this is a gimmick from Nesbitt in a desperate attempt to claw back votes and seem relevant. I think it was only the weekend before he was pictured walking past and ignoring the City Hall flag protestors.

    Whilst Alliance rubber stamped the taking down of the flag and then brought about designated days it was their policy all along. Indeed it was PUP policy until they seen some votes in it. The fault lies with the electorate who voted in Alliance not appreciating what Alliance policy was and caring only to bloody Robinson’s and DUP nose

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