Just as a bit of vaguely language-related fun, has anyone any idea what the above is supposed to be?!


13 thoughts on “Five?!

  1. madhava says:

    A doggie

  2. madhava says:

    A tortoise

  3. bob Wilson says:

    The number of langauges spoken by the majority of people in each Department?

  4. Ahh, Bob Wilson got in there before me! I’m guessing the cluster to the west is the French Caribbean?

  5. Ahh, no, it’s Paris to the “west”… of course!

  6. Is it something to do with the number of deputies per x,000 population? I gather there has been huge population movements between boundary reviews.

  7. peestie says:

    Isn’t it the number of kisses on each cheek that you give when you meet/greet someone? The number varies depending on the traditions of each region.

  8. Richard Price says:

    Ok – we need to know!

  9. Come on Ian – I’ve hit refresh on this page too many times today waiting for the answer!!!

  10. Peestie has nailed it!

    Good thing there wasn’t a prize…

  11. That’s my summer holiday planned then! 🙂 Well done Peestie!

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