DUP Leader loses run of himself on Irish News

Whatever you make of its editorial slant, the Irish News is one of Northern Ireland’s survivors, managing best of the three main regionals through the economic downturn. The ludicrous assault on it by the DUP Leader will only help it survive.

This is yet another sinister development, however, as the DUP Leader completely loses the run of himself – to the extent that he may even be gone before the Ulster Unionist Leader. The voice of “positive Unionism” less than half a year ago, he has now launched assaults on the Rule of Law and now on the Free Press.

Of course, his assault on the Free Press was not limited to his nonsensical call to stop reading the Irish News, but also to his failure to countenance expansion of libel laws which will apply to the entire remainder of the UK (a differentiation which will exist alongside different laws and policies on everything from same-sex marriage to domestic taxation to vehicle licensing – just how “British” is Peter Robinson’s Northern Ireland really?)

The truth is the DUP, with its UUP running mate poodles, has become an authoritarian power-monger with no purpose other than to justify its own power for the sake of it. Far from being “Unionist”, its policies make Northern Ireland less British; far from “moving Northern Ireland forward”, it is intent on making Northern Ireland backward; far from being “Democratic” as per its own name, it would prefer to have no democratic scrutiny of its actions at all – not by political rivals, not by the media, not by anyone.

Of course, we should expect nothing else from a party which responds to attacks on members of another party (and their offices and homes) by suggesting they are responsible for them because of the way they cast a democratic vote.

The only good news is that such authoritarian power-mongers always make the fatal mistake of assuming they will always be in power. Their failure to prepare for the time they are not is always their undoing.


5 thoughts on “DUP Leader loses run of himself on Irish News

  1. harryaswell says:

    I never read the Irish News. However, it appears that Alliance does! Your article is very short of common sense and ballanced opinion. Like it or not, Alliance is having to deal with all colours of competition. To try to denigrate, smear and sneer just shows how juvenile Alliance actually is. Alliance misinterprets most of what it sees, or so it appears. I notice that taxpayers money is continually being wasted by the presence of the PSNI outside Long’s office? Probably elsewhere as well. I just wonder what on earth could have upset the Protestant Working Class for this to be a necessity? ROTFL! You are guilty of living on a different planet from the rest of us. Your own arrogance, and that of Alliance, is the architect of your own respective downfalls.

  2. Stewart says:

    I’d say thats a croc of nonsense Harry. His article is actually highly accurate. It sticks in the craw that any apologist for the DUP should point the finger at the Alliance Party when it comes to denigrating and smearing. The DUP are enaging in Joe Goebbels tactics when it comes to smearing; putting out highly inflammatory leaflets in the Alliance party colours containing aggresive language and providing points of reference to attack is utterly shameful. And you talk of PSNI money being wasted? Why did it take so long for DUP ministers to condemn the attacks on elected representatives? Elected representatives who shouldn’t be attacked for accurately reflecting the wishes of those who vote for them and adhering to the rule of the law and the protocol of the land. The police shouldn’t have had to step in and be attacked by yobs stoked up by pathetic DUP politicians who seem to enjoy tub-thumping and rabble-rousing to the lowest common denominator. Oh and I want you to explain the likes of Ruth Patterson to me too. Just what the hell was she doing blocking roads in her capacity as a City Councillor? Had the DUP acted like a civilised party that respects democracy and not engaged in hateful subversive nazi-style propaganda in the first place none of this would have happened. Oh, and there’s no Alliance Party ‘downfall’. Only one party has grown in NI in the last 12 months and that’s the Alliance Party, so get over it and suck it up.

    • harryaswell says:

      Obviously, I have rattled your particular cage very successfully! Good. Now, I just wonder how it is that you have risen to the bait quite so dramatically? PSNI funds are indeed being wasted as I said. Alliance surely knew what would happen if they voted for the Flag to come down at City Hall. They walked right into the Sinn Fein trap! As for Alliance picking up votes as you suggest? I suggest that you wait and see what happens at the next elections! I am sure that Alliance has shot itself on it’s foot and will be seen to have done so. As for the so-called yobs, they have always been there,on every side.You and Alliance arrogance simply knows no bounds. Therein lies your problem.

      • James Campbell says:

        Though I don’t myself like the policy pap and naivety of Alliance, they do represent the good guys when it comes to flegs. What cannot be gainsaid is that they negotiated a compromise that the DUP leadership has tried to undermine. “Alliance surely knew what would happen if they voted for the Flag to come down at City Hall.” Are you suggesting that decisions should be made on the basis of fear of thuggery? Is part of Unionist Culture an inability to accept anything the thugs don’t agree with? Personally I believe that the majority of Unionists, irritated though they may be by the decision are also irritated by the presentation of thugs as their representatives.

      • harryaswell says:

        I disagree. Alliance is very prone to lecture everyone! Very annoying trait. You see it even in this blog! Of “course” the flag thing is silly! I never said it was not. However, it is and was the last straw with many people when Sinn Fein voted to stop flying it all the time on City Hall, and when Alliance, instead of voting with the Unionists, voted with Sinn Fein! Loyalists and Unionists all feel that Sinn Fein has taken up the political stance of wittleing away at the British culture within NI, with the obvious expectation that they will eventually pull off a UI stunt. There is such a thing as being staunchly patriotic, and that is what the Unionist’s are. They have had enough of giving away to Republican demands. Nothing to do with thugs as you suggest, although both Republicand and Unionists do have plenty of those. No, it is patriotism. They are standing up for their British culture, and surely that has to be admired. You are, quite conveniently, trying to say that Unionists are represented by thugs. Nonsense. If anyone is ruled by thugs it is Republicans. Look at the Sinn Fein representatives in the Assembly. Unreconstructed terrorists. Alliance should be far more careful who they get into bed with. I would not be in the least surprised if Naomi Long loses her seat in the next election, along with numbers of other Alliance representatives, directly due to their actions over the Flags and their apparant non-support of the Union.

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