Is the Economy the “Number One Priority”?

“If the leadership response to the ‘flegs’ issue and its impact on the economy were to occur in the Health Service, it would be like failing to administer drugs to avert a contagious disease and wilfully watching the disease spread – even though the cure was in the hands of the political leaders.”

I’d love to claim credit for these words but they came from one of the correspondents on this blog.

The DUP, not least in the shape of Jeffrey Donaldson, continues to engage in promoting the irrational claptrap that flying the British Flag as directed by the British Crown is somehow not British.

The UUP, not least in the shape of its leader Mr Former UTV Presenter, makes equally ludicrous and irrational claims about their identity being “chipped away at” by flying the British Flag as directed by the British Crown.

Sinn Fein in response proposes a Border Poll – which it is not allowed to have under the terms of the Agreement it claims to support and cannot in any case possibly win – presumably to pretend to make up, after decades of terrorism, for having voted to fly the British Flag as directed by the British Crown.

Tell me, which one of these parties has the economy as anything even close to its “number one priority”?

Remember, business organisations bought all that guff in 2007. They should have known better. It is time for business to get behind those who really want to make a success of Northern Ireland – all of it.



4 thoughts on “Is the Economy the “Number One Priority”?

  1. james McKerrow says:

    Economic development, and the “encouragement” of existing and new businesses should be essential number ones for all elected politicians in N.I, but sadly isn’t. We need more fresh money entering the top of the economy and circulating, especially as what is effectively our largest invisible export, Stormont, is declining and public sector employment is reducing.

    My record of speaking, voting and acting in North Down Borough Council reinforces my position that the economy is the paramount poolicy subject. Sadly the Alliance Party in North Down doesn’t share my views.

    • In fairness James, the UUP don’t share your views either! Indeed, it’s rather more obvious in their case – in that they openly cause harm to the economy (e.g. by backing protests in East Belfast).

  2. The DUP, The SDLP, Alliance and Herman are comfortable discussing economic matters both macro and microeconomical in Westminster as are Sinn Féin in Dáil Éireann, as are the DUP, UUP and Sinn Féin in Brussels. They may not have much sway there, you can argue about figures, or the practicalities of policy, but on the simple basis of attention being paid, economics come first.

    Stormont and a lot moreso in local government, social matters coften does come before economics, maybe less attention is paid to how these limited bodies use their one economic lever … essentially public spending … To target and prioritise the social issues. Indeed the social element is very important at this level, when you try to cut spending you leave the social issues to society, and I suppose you still need local government to carry out the handover socially rather than making an “economic” effort.

    • I don’t mean to be harsh, but Hermon? You never hear her comment on *anything*?

      Her brilliance lies in the fact everyone assigns their own views on to her. The folly of this is never demonstrated, because she never actually speaks!

      For example, she’s anti-gay marriage. I bet a lot of people would be shocked by that.

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