Lies, damned lies, and the DUP in City Council…

The public consultation showed only a handful of people had a problem with the flag on City Hall…

in fact, only 12% of respondents supported 365 days/year, and 59% supported the Nationalist position of flying the Tricolour – upon being requested to admit this, a DUP MLA deleted my comments.

Our survey showed 95% of Councils in Great Britain fly the flag on designated days…

… where a survey of all Councils in Great Britain, with returns from nearly 300 of the 400, returned a figure of just 48%, versus 52% for designated days – upon being requested to admit this, a DUP Councillor de-friended me.

‘Roman Catholics’ aren’t all Nationalists…

Roman Catholics’…?

The DUP ensured the flag flies all year round in Lisburn…

but only on the War Memorial on Castle Street, it flies on designated days at the Council Offices – which the DUP was forced to admit.

Stormont is different because it is governed by the Flags Order…

… which can be changed by the Assembly Commission, which consists of MLAs, so it’s not different at all – which the DUP now admits.

… that’s all great, Ian, but you always said this wasn’t an issue of practical consequence and that people should stop stirring, so why does this matter now?

Because the DUP is now busy telling you, for example, that we won’t have to face water charges…


2 thoughts on “Lies, damned lies, and the DUP in City Council…

  1. Clare says:

    Dirty tricks have always been part of DUP tactics.
    I remember helping a friend who stood for Alliance in Castlereagh council in the 80’s and I was appalled at how low they would stoop to damage their opponents. They looked for things in peoples personal lives even.
    It’s fairly clear that their main objective in this whole flags issue was to damage Alliance in East Belfast. In this regard they have succeeded.
    In a naturally union supporting constituency Alliance has gained support on the perception that it was a union supporting party. That perception (and it’s perception that counts) has been seriously dented.
    Naomi’s refusal to have toasts to the Queen while Lord Mayor, rightly or wrongly have contributed to this perception.
    Alliance must bolster it’s pro union credentials now if it is to have any chance of holding their Westminster seat.

  2. paul says:

    ian off topic i know thought u might be very interested to know there is growing speculation of a new party/movement been set up and could have basil mccrea at the fore front i know people are been sounded out.Some local alliance folk are very interested where i live its not a wind up ian its been talked about

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