A Charitable Request…

As I pass my 1000th blog post, a request…

Christmas is nigh but winter goes on, and some people in Northern Ireland could do with just that little bit extra to see them through. This is particularly so as fuel prices continue to rise and energy policy continues to take account of those on fixed incomes who are perhaps socially isolated or unable to access best value (say, through Internet offers).

So it’s a strange call, but if you can help and feel inclined, please consider sparing us a cheque at:

The Winter Fuel Trust Ltd

c/o 17 Graham Gardens,

Lisburn BT28 1XE

… or just drop a response here for more information.

If you could just drop us an email address as well, we’ll keep you updated with where it went and why!

Our last drive raised nearly ₤3,000, which is ₤3,000 more than some struggling people right here in Northern Ireland would have had otherwise!

Many thanks.


6 thoughts on “A Charitable Request…

  1. paul says:

    Basil McCrea has had plenty of opportunity to join the Tories and has not done so. Why on earth would he join a party which showed precisely zero interest in NI during the past fortnight’s mayhem? Can you imagine the PM taking nine days even to comment on similar chaos in, say, Brighton or Derby?

    Now, kindly return to the point of the thread. – Ed

    • paul says:

      of course i will stay on thread but ian basil has ruled out alliance so has john because of your pathetic stance on the unionbecause alliance are agonotic on it.as well as neutral

      • On the contrary, in response to the question “Have you joined Alliance?”, his answer was “Not yet”. Hardly ruled out!

        So stay on thread, and within facts, please.

        Now, back to the topic…

  2. Clare says:

    A little unfair Ian when Trevor Ringland issued a statement last week asking people to step back.
    Well done on your work with this great cause. I will make a donation.

    • I should have inserted “whose leadership showed no interest”. The point nonetheless stands – if we are integral to the UK, who was there no comment publicly and no contact, even privately?!

      Trevor Ringland locally, of course, always speaks good sense. So, it must be said, did Irwin Armstrong, whose statement was spot on. But frankly no one will have noticed. Cameron and Villiers needed to be saying those things.

  3. paul says:

    last comment ian where is your proof basil mccrea has said that i and no body else has seen it proof please

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