Ulster-Scots Agency must re-address the language

Ye coudna say but, on the wabsteid o the Ulster-Scots Agency, thar nocht kenspekkil anent the langage. Historie ay, leir ay, but nae langage!

The Agentrie is, for aa that, a pairt o the North/South Language Body. A Historie Curn, an Leir Curn or a Grant-Giein Curn coud or coudna be a athort-mear institution o vailyie, but nae sic curn exeists. The Agentrie wis sat up for tae tak tent o the langage – but aiblans wants a richt interest for it.

This isna aa its ain blaem. The haill notion o an ‘Ulster-Scots langage’ maks for a fair haundlin amang maist fowk, an wi a bittie o the haivers as bes cam aff a-dae wi its ‘forder’ an ‘oncum’, ye cud see hou! A dout the maist fek fowk bes agin it, ein amang thaim as wad fain cry thairsels ‘Ulster Scots’.

The Agentrie is a Language Body, but. Hit maun tak anither leuk at the langage, makkan a foerhaund ettil o settan the leiteratur furth. Wi the leiteratur, a bodie can see the langage in its richt form, in poems maed frae fowk twa hunner yeir syne but yet aible for a-leukan ower thenou. The leiteratur is a pairt o the ‘history‘ an ‘education‘ the Agentrie is for pittan furth anaa. Siclyk coud jyne the wark o the Agentrie thenou wi the langage, makkan it appen tae aabodie. Is thon no the ettil o the Agentrie?

Bringan the Scots tongue tae the foer – an ye thinkan it a ‘leid’ or a ‘dialect’ – wad be a braw wey o mairkan St Andras Dey!


3 thoughts on “Ulster-Scots Agency must re-address the language

  1. A sair dig yer giein tha Ulster Scotch heidyins. Ay tha Agentrie, as ye ca them, cud dae wae a lukin intae.

  2. Madhava says:

    Readers take your pick .
    1. ‘No that guid’ – ‘not great’
    2. ‘Mair nor middlin’ – ‘average’
    3. ‘Brave an guid’ – excellent .

    Personally I’d say khat !

  3. springhilljames2000@yahoo.co.uk says:


    All I can do is quote Robbie Burns:

    “Fair fa yer honest sonsie face
    Greet Chieftain o the pud’n race.”

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