Marie Stopes should be welcome in NI

I have written this before on this blog, not because it is popular but because it is right: whether we are aware of it or not, we all know someone who, as a young woman, faced the prospect of an arduous, lonely journey across to Great Britain for a potential abortion. At this time, the height of genuine vulnerability, she almost certainly had no one to turn to – not family, not friends, certainly not the free Health Service. It was an appalling decision made entirely alone by someone mentally unfit to make it without support, yet no support was available. Those who turn a blind eye to this fact are no ‘men of God’ or ‘representatives’ – they are callous and uncaring.

Honestly, I’m no fan of abortion on-demand – but there is no suggestion Marie Stopes wishes to provide it. On the other hand, no one could be a fan of leaving another generation of women to suffer in this way without support either. Impartial, fair, open, non-judgemental advice is a basic entitlement of theirs. I welcome its delivery.

I made this point – that accessible advice is an essential entitlement to young women facing such a daunting and harrowing decision – during the European Election campaign. The DUP lambasted me for it. Yesterday, its Health Minister had to accept Marie Stopes’ right to exist in Northern Ireland. How times change! Good luck, Dawn…


9 thoughts on “Marie Stopes should be welcome in NI

  1. Madhava says:

    Aborting an unborn child no matter what stage of development is termination disguised as legalised murder . Men in modern society have become weak and failed to ptotect women , hence there is no doubt that failure to protect the unborn child is of natural progressive consequence . Taking a middle ground stance of political correctness to appease everybody is not in the least bit courageous . Iliberal minded men who support the right to termination remind me of cowards who base views upon contemporary material society without giving thought to morality or basic decency just to score cheap points .

  2. Joan Ghali says:

    I fully agree with you Madhava.

  3. Joan Ghali says:

    I would also like to add something….a society that is truly civilized always protects its ‘most vulnerable’ Abortion is barbaric and just another word for’ Murder’….Life begins from the moment of Conception.When we have evolved more as a human species and stop killing our young we shall perhaps realize this …no human being has the right to take another humans life away…under any circumstances…..the most basic’ Human Right’ is surely the RIGHT TO LIFE…..without this ‘Human Right’ all other Rights are meaningless !

  4. Clare says:

    I agree with comments here but there are exceptions to the rule.
    Where the mothers life is endangered or with rape. It’s unfair to expect a mother
    to give birth to a child under these circumstances

  5. Northern Ireland joins the places where public money is being lavished on those who bear the name of Marie Stopes, author of extravagant, versified love letters to Hitler. Marie Stopes, who disowned her own son because he married a woman who wore glasses. Marie Stopes, who campaigned for the compulsory sterilisation of “the C3 population”, of “half-castes” and of “revolutionaries”, among numerous others. Marie Stopes, who opened dozens of clinics in working-class areas to reduce the number of “undesirables” by persuasion if force were politically impossible. Yet those clinics now retain the right to “counsel” women considering the abortions that they have a gigantic financial and an immeasurable ideological interest in ensuring go ahead.

    They still carry the name of Marie Stopes. Our televisions now carry their adverts. Our 50p stamps have recently carried her image. And we all carry the shame. As they do across the Atlantic, where tax dollars fund the heirs of Margaret Sanger, whose stated primary objective was always to prevent black babies from being born, the objective still pursued above all others by her successors, so that “Planned Parenthood” would more accurately be called “Planned Genocide”.

    The Unholy Trinity is completed by Helen Brook, who in February 1980 wrote in The Times that, “From birth till death it is now the privilege of the parental State to take major decisions – objective, unemotional, the State weighs up what is best for the child.” In 1995, this deranged creature was given the CBE. The Conservative Party was not at that time in coalition with the Liberal Democrats or anyone else.

    How can a drug as powerful as the Pill ever be used other than under the strict direction of a physician, never mind be used on the body of an early adolescent? And obviously, it has no purpose except to facilitate sexual intercourse. There is no comparison with vaccination against cervical cancer, which may or may not encourage a young girl to become or remain sexually active. Putting her on the Pill can have no other purpose. Hiding this sort of thing from parents is the classic behaviour of the child abuser and his victim.

    Femaleness has been classified as in itself a medicable condition by means of the contraceptive pill, which is simply not a medicine at all. It is, in point of fact, a poison, designed precisely to stop healthy body parts from performing their natural functions, and accordingly attended by all manner of horrific side effects, for no reason except to make women permanently available for the sexual gratification of men, and despite the unrivalled effectiveness of Natural Family Planning if it is taught and practised properly, a practice only possible by a faithful married couple. The Pill, in turn, has wrought havoc by filling our water supply with synthetic oestrogens.

    Following logically, maleness itself has also been so classified, leading to the heavy medication of boys purely for being boys, by means of Ritalin and other powerful “treatments” for largely or entirely invented conditions. The impact of antidepressants on the rise of violent mental illness, especially among young men and teenage boys, also calls for the most unflinching examination. As does the impact of cannabis on the rise of schizophrenia, and by extension also on lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, brain tumours, serial miscarriage, low birth weight, male and female infertility, impotence, and a huge number of other conditions.

    • for no reason except to make women permanently available for the sexual gratification of men

      Men have never needed the Pill to make women sexually available. Rapists and abusers don’t care whether their victims get pregnant.

      Natural family planning has a 25% failure rate, which is unrivalled only in its uselessness.

    • Oh, and the Pill has a purpose being prescribed to sexually inactive adolescents – it can help to control heavy and irregular periods. Which is a medical condition, by the way.

    • Joan Ghali says:

      Excellent letter and views Mr.David Lindsay…I agree with you 100%.

  6. Joan Ghali says:

    Excellent letter and views Mr.David Lindsay…I am a woman and I totally agree with your letter and your views…very well said !

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